Management Team

Charles W. Bishop, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Charles W. Bishop, PhD - Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Bishop has served as CEO of the OPKO Renal Division since it was formed from OPKO’s acquisition of Cytochroma Inc. on March 4, 2013. Dr. Bishop had served as President & CEO of Cytochroma since June 2006, bringing a wealth of management experience in the pharmaceutical industry across multiple disciplines including Research & Development, Regulatory Affairs, Operations, and Business Development. Dr. Bishop co-founded Proventiv Therapeutics, LLC in September 2005 where he served as President. Proventiv Therapeutics, LLC, and its lead drug, CTAP101 Capsules, were acquired by Cytochroma in June 2006. During the period of September 1987 to June 2005, Dr. Bishop held various senior management positions at Bone Care International, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCII), a public specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing vitamin D hormone therapies. Dr. Bishop’s positions with Bone Care included President, CEO, Director, Executive Vice President of Research and Development, and Chief Scientific Officer. He was the first full-time employee in Bone Care and he ran the Company from its inception until after the commercial launches of its first two products. Under Dr. Bishop's direction, Bone Care advanced a portfolio of proprietary vitamin D hormones and analogs to varying stages of development for SHPT, metabolic bone disease, psoriasis and cancers of the prostate, breast and colon. Dr. Bishop was responsible for the successful preparation and prosecution of three NDAs that ultimately led to U.S. marketing approvals for a novel vitamin D drug, named doxercalciferol, for SHPT in dialysis patients (Hectorol® 2.5 mcg Capsules and Hectorol® Injection) and pre-dialysis patients (Hectorol® 0.5 mcg Capsules). Bone Care was acquired for $720 million by Genzyme Corporation in July 2005. Prior to joining Bone Care, Dr. Bishop held various management positions in the Health Care Division of the Procter & Gamble Company. Dr. Bishop completed a four-year National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellowship in vitamin D Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received his PhD degree in Nutritional Biochemistry from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, after earning an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Virginia.

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